1840s Coin Silver Vase Ball, Tompkins & Black New York Early American Silver ***

Woodcliff on the Hudson

$ 595.00

Great early vase by Ball, Tompkins & Black, a classic early American silver shop. Beautifully floral decorated sterling silver vase is just over 7 inches tall and the lip of the opening is just over 6 inches wide.  This hand hammered vase has a small name under one of the flowers "C. E. Murphy".  That would be the final picture, an ad for this person's clothing store from an early New York newspaper.  There are some little bumps but as a hand hammered piece they don't stand out much even with the smooth finish.  Beaded lip, collar and foot add a perfect subdued counter to the flowers and long undulating leaves. 
The firm descended from the retail establishment of Frederick Marquand, who had been in business in New York since 1823. In 1833 the firm of Marquand & Co. included William Black and Henry Ball. In 1836 Erastus O. Tompkins and J. D. Williams were admitted to the firm, and in 1839 the name was changed to Ball,Tompkins & Black. Many people say their items are from the "1830's", they're most likely not as they were only under that name for one year and those early marks clearly stated that they were the successors to Marquand & Co.  This is an early mark though so it would be 1840 to 1842 as the company had two other marks after for this specific name after the one shown here.  This company name lasted only until 1851, then the firm became Ball, Black & Co.  

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