LeCoultre Atmos Clock 528-8 Working Well

Woodcliff on the Hudson

$ 645.00

I've had this clock for 30 days and it's been running like a dream the whole time.  This is also one of the few I've found in an estate that didn't have pitting on the metal under the gold plating.  The serial number on this one dates it to the late 1960s.  The LeCoultre Atmos clock is a fascinating piece of technology and luxury.  If you're looking at this auction I'll assume you're familiar with the clock and it's fickle nature.  For it to work properly it must be perfectly balanced and someplace where it won't be bumped into.  It is a vintage timepiece so there is always a risk when shipping. Please be mindful of that before purchasing. If you live in the NYC area I will deliver to you to reduce risk of damage. Local pickup is also encouraged to minimize risk. I will pack securely if shipping is required.   No International shipping. Domestic shipping only

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