Meerschaum Pipe belonging to Lieutenant Colonel Fredrick Dent Grant - Son of Ulysses S. Grant ***

Woodcliff on the Hudson

$ 595.00

Excellent carving of a woman's head makes the bowl of this meerschaum pipe.  On the pipe is a silver band engraved "F. D. Grant  West Point".  That would be the son of Ulysses S. Grant who graduated from West Point and went on to serve in the military where he served as aide-de-camp to General William Tecumseh Sherman, was with George Armstrong Custer during the Black Hills Expedition and fought against Victorio in New Mexico during the Bannock War.  As a civilian he held some diplomatic appointments and even served as a NYC Police Commissioner but later resumed service in the military for the Spanish-American war.  This fascinating piece of history has a fitted case from a Vienna shop.  Very likely purchased when President Benjamin Harrison appointed him to be U.S. Minister to Austria-Hungary.


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