22k Natural Ruby Cabochon Necklace High Carat Gold 16" 14 Rubies Hand Made ***

Woodcliff on the Hudson

$ 2,850.00

Now this is unique.  Hand made high carat gold 16 inch necklace with 14 natural ruby cabochons. This necklace was done in the ancient style. Rubies are about 8mm - 10mm wide on average. Just an amazing piece of art coming in at 28.5g. This gold all tested for 22k with my acid. Guaranteed to be minimum 18k but could be as much as 24k as I don't have acid to test 24k.  Comes in a presentation necklace box. A fabulous piece.


Shipping for this item will be $50 in the US. Outside of US please contact for shipping prices.

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