Tagua Carved Hinged Snuff Box - 19th Century

Woodcliff on the Hudson

$ 395.00

Finely carved corozo snuff box with beautiful detail. The box is fully carved with flower motifs along all edges and measures approximately 2 3/4 inches by 1 1/2 inches.  The lid of the snuff box depicts a cherub straddling crossed fasces (representing power of the state) holding a dove. On the reverse liberty wearing her cap.


* The "palm ivory" from the Amazon rainforest bear fruit whose pulpit inner (endosperm) becomes very hard when dry and texture very similar to ivory. It is this which is called vegetable ivory or tagua tagua. The tagua nut carves, turns, polishes easily and almost as finely as ivory. The tagua nut was worked by the sailors who made ​​such small boxes, snuff graters or tobacco also made ​​by convicts. The latter worked to pass the time but mainly to get some money to improve their lives. Can also be attributed to sailors during their long journeys. These objects are corozo finest examples of folk art.

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